Thursday, April 17, 2008

Surgery vs. Fitness

A lot of women look at plastic surgery as the easy way out of being unhealthy. The instant gratification is tempting to any woman that has ever done lunges and crunches until she wanted to puke. Is surgery the answer? After a little nip, tuck, or suck how healthy are they? Simply satisfied with a little less fat, but still full of the same toxins and probably still taking part in the same harmful habits. Fitness and health are a lifestyle. Having a tight body does raise the self esteem significantly, but literally working your butt off is what really goes to your head! The hard work, the dedication, the sweat, and sometimes even some blood and tears pay off. It's about working for what you want. There are so many programs, sports, groups and events out there (especially in Austin). Find something that MOVES you and do it. Make it fun, make it a challenge! Your overall health will improve leading you into a happier and longer life.

This video is empowering! It illustrates that fitness is hard work and lots of sweat, but it can be fun, entertaining and super SEXY. Surgery is not the answer.

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