Tuesday, July 29, 2008

…and THAT is why I CrossFit!

Have you ever noticed how kids have an endless amount of energy? Their little bodies are in constant motion. By the end of my 55 hour work week I watch my 5 year old son, Logan, bolt, jump, and dive from one direction to the next and wonder, “Why can’t I have energy like that, I need it more than he does?” He doesn’t stop moving until his eyes close. BUT, I cannot spend my off hours sitting around and I usually don’t let myself rest until Logan is no longer moving. Even then there is a 1 mile list of chores to be done to ensure our home is properly managed. It takes a lot of energy, and sanity, to be a single, working mom. CrossFit fuels that in me. I work out so that I can keep up with my 5 year old. CrossFit not only makes me stronger, it also releases endorphins which make me feel good and energized. Its the kind of energy you can't buy at Starbucks! A few months ago I found myself fighting off the urge to laugh as I chased Logan out of Tillman’s Gym when it was time to go home. After a few laps around the parking lot I was able to catch him, tuck him under my arm, and strap him into his car seat. My thought after conquering the 55 pound Red Bull, “….and THAT is why I CrossFit!”

Quality Time vs. Training Time

Like all parents out there I feel it is important to spend an ample amount of quality time with Logan. For almost a year I would work out at 4:30am just so my training didn’t interfere with our quality time. Now I'm able to get my training in during my lunch breaks. Every week my plan is to devote my weeknights to Logan, but anyone who has ever been thrown a curve ball knows life happens when you're busy making plans. I can't always avoid the gym at night, sometimes I train others and sometimes I have to train myself. Logan, Tillman's, and CrossFit all contribute to my ability keep my head above water.

First off, Logan is a well adjusted child. He makes friends where ever he goes and is my little red headed side kick. I always give him the option to stay with his JoJo or go to the gym. Nine times out of ten he wants to go to the gym. There he is active, making friends, and a lot of the time watching me do my thing. I like to think he is getting many great life lessons when he is there with me at the gym. Seeing me coach clients gives him a sense of what leadership is about. For goal setting and mental push he sees me and my clients work our butts off to get through a workout. He is always learning how important it is to take care of his mind, body and soul. Every time we go he's watching me chase after my dreams of making fitness a career. I'm not 100% sure he is really soaking it in now, but I hope that when he's older the message will sink in very deep. Teaching my child to be a well adjusted, wonderful person is my job and I think I'm doing a damn good job at it.

Secondly, Tillman's is a family kind of place. Mama Tillman and her two boys, their wives and children are all here to take part in this family owned and operated facility. There is a kid’s corner to play in and what kid doesn't love playing on the monkey bars? Logan fits right in. Between those who work here and those who work out here t his place is crawling with the kind of people I want my child to grow up around.

The final piece of the puzzle, CrossFit. I don't have to spend endless hours of cardio combined with brain numbing leg and arm curls to get a workout. As our T-Shirt says, "CrossFit, Flat on your back in 20 minutes or less!" I'm getting twice the workout in half the time. That means I get more time to hang out with my Mr. Wonderful!

Below is a video I took last Sunday. I was aiming to check my form on the MedBall Slams, but drawn to write this blog based on the little guy bouncing around in the background.

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