Monday, August 25, 2008

New Beginnings

I never expected 2008 to be such an eventful year. My life has changed is so many positive ways since January. Just when I think I've had my share of blessings another month rolls around filled with more monumental moments.

Today I reflect on Logan as he starts his journey down the educational pathway in life. The road is long and he's only just begun. Its day one and my heart is already filled with more pride than one could ever imagine. Good Luck to my (not so) Little Man!

First day of kindergarten and Logan comes out of his room with his collar popped and flip flops on. I folded he collar down and explained to him, "school rules are that you have to wear close toed shoes." Proudly he states, "I hate school rules!" Everyone burst out in laughter and I'm thinking to myself, "Oh what a rebel...and we encourage him with laughter. It is pretty funny though!" He's cooler than he will every know!

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