Saturday, January 3, 2009


I fear no man,
but I fear my workout.
If I don't fear my workout,
it isn't hard enough.

Today I am contemplating FEAR and how much this emotion can run one's life. It's extremely hard to move forward when you're afraid. Sometimes we fear the physical demands of a training program like CrossFit. Other times we're simply afraid we might not be good enough, or are scared of what others might think of us. Despite any of that, having courage and doing something you're really, really scared of, is the ultimate pathway to true success.

That being said, first thing yesterday morning I jumped right into a huge, steaming pile of my own fear...I registered for the 2009 CrossFit Games Regional Qualifier. I have 5 months to propel myself into the best physical shape of my life and I AM PUMPED!

My STRICT LIST for the next 5 months:
  • Strict diet - Gotta Paleo/Zone my weekends!
  • Strict training - Don't be surprised if you catch me practicing my Double Unders at HEB
  • Strict sleep - No phone calls after 9:30pm Please!
  • Strict enjoyment of life - Check! I couldn't be happier!

I have talented coaches, a supportive workout partner, and a fire in my belly. I fear no man, but holy moly I fear that CrossFit hopper! Coach Tillman, hit me with your best shot. Its time to start training my weakness.


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Jessica Sharratt said...

Thanks for your note Nikki!

And AMEN to tackling fear! That is on my to-do list for 09 too. Best of luck to you and keep in touch!