Thursday, October 14, 2010

63 Days of Cheating, The Second Annual Holly Jolly Challenge

Last year Robin, David and I racked our brains to come up with the perfect holiday challenge for the clients and staff at Crossfit CP and Tillman Physical Therapy.  A majority of the American population will spend the holiday season stuffing their faces with some not so healthy foods. Why not challenge everyone to eat clean? Thanksgiving and Christmas are only 2 days out of the year, not the 63 days between Halloween and New Years Day. We wanted to keep people from falling off the wagon during the holidays, a jumpstart on those 2010 resolutions.

With diet decided we now needed accountability. What is going to keep people from giving up, giving in and cheating with all the temptations around the holidays? They needed help from their community. Ah ha! We make it a team challenge. Participants are only as strong as their weakest link. One person's success is the success of 3 other people. The same goes for weakness.

And with that we needed incentive. Money is a huge motivator. So much so that people will do anything for it. Even Tabata squats every day for 4 weeks! We always set our challenges up so that the winner takes a large portion of the group's throw-in. The pot is always worth it.

That's where we get the commitment. All our faithful clients believe that if you are paying for something you have to use it. More than just winning, a $25 buy-in is a good investment for dropping pounds, pant sizes, or cholesterol level. Imagine if $25 could change your life.

The second annual Holly Jolly Challenge registration is now open and packets will be handed out at a CFCP Happy Hour hosted by none other than Pluckers in mid to late November

Each individual is responsible for logging their paleo diet, their daily workouts, avoiding black listed food items and keeping their teammates on track. Scores are based on a point system, so stacking the teams won't help. One cheat meal per week is allowed, but anything outside of that is a 2 point loss for the whole team. Each WOD is worth 1 point. Bonus points for meeting as a team in CFCP t-shirts and doing a WOD in a public location. There will be a final Team WOD on the last day. Recipe for success if you ask me.

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