Friday, June 20, 2008


Taking a vacation this summer? Need a little rest and relaxation? You bet your bottom to bottom TABATA you do! As we all head out of town and away from our day to day routines let's take a minute to make sure we packed our WODs. That's right! Don't forget that even though you are far from the gym you can still get in a kick butt work out, no equipment required. After a good warm up, combine any of the following for a 20 minute, flat on your back WOD and you will stay at the top of your game all summer long!

Hand Stands
Push ups
Sit ups
Back Extensions

On another note, CROSSFIT ONE WORLD OR BUST!!! In about a week I will be heading to sunny California for 2 of the most physically demanding days of my life. Its CrossFit Certification time and I am stoked! I'm eating right and drinking tons of water to make sure I have all the energy I need to practice and learn. I've been watching videos all week and in true CrossFit fashion its going to be that butt whooping I've become so addicted to. I cannot wait!

So I leave my blog with this short message.....

Goals are like the destination on a car trip. We get into a car in order to arrive at a specific location. Without a destination, we drive around aimlessly, wasting time and fuel. The same is true with Goal setting: as we work and live day to day, it's important to have a clear idea of where you want to end up.

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