Saturday, January 17, 2009

...And I didn't even get a T-Shirt!

I did it! I didn't think I would ever do it, but I did it! I just did's WOD. It was a weakness of mine, a fear, but I did it. I just ran my first 10k! Thanks to CrossFit the cardio part was easy. My heart and my lungs felt great and were asking for more. My knee caps are a different story. The last few miles were rough but I cranked up the music and kept on pushing. Pain is weakness leaving the body. To avoid this kind of pain in the future I'll be sure to give my hamstrings a little more massage and self myofascial release, aka - foam rollers and tears!

I always assumed I would cross the 5 mile marker during a commercial "Fun Run" and to be honest, I only do those for the T-shirts... I think I'll gift myself another Crossfit Tshirt for this accomplishment. One can never have too many of those!


Biggdave said...

Great Job Girl! You Rock. Next you can sign up for that half marathon.

After you recover!

Nikki Hall said...

The Swqual, Muddy Buddy, and now a half marathon....Hmmm. Baby steps!

Mchael Gregory said...

DotComs huh?

Are you gearing up for the qualifiers?

To be the best you gotta compete with the best!

glad you are doing well!