Monday, February 9, 2009

Blown Away

After a few hours of sleep and scrambling to coach my 5:30am class monday morning I'm sitting at my computer trying to pick one of the many amazing moments I had this past weekend. I attended both the CrossFit LA Biz seminar and the 2009 CrossFit Affiliate Gathering. Short on time and still trying to wrap my brain around it all I'll start at with this....

I snapped a few pics with Founder of CrossFit and leader of the Fittest Community on the planet, Coach Glassman!

If any of my readers don't know anything more about CrossFit than what you experience in our classes check out the main site and read this article, "What is Fitness?" I also recommend subscribing to the CrossFit Journal. Its knowledge at your fingertips.

And now I'm late for work....Check back for more later!

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