Friday, January 23, 2009

You Can’t Be Any Geek off the Street

I totally have a Man Crush on CrossFit's Jolie! Seven months into the CrossFit program I was introduced to Jolie in the Bear Complex video. Look at this chic! Not only is she beautiful, she is holding her own against two very strong men! We all have people we look up to, those we strive to be like, or are inspired by. Where CrossFit is concerned there are several women I look up to. It takes a mentally solid female to push through CrossFit's physically demanding workouts at their level. Jolie is a top competitor and an amazing coach. She placed 1rd in the 2007 CrossFit Games and 5th in 2008. I met her this past summer at my cert. She pushed me through every thruster on my Fran, she coached my push press, and she called me out on good and bad form. She is the kind of CrossFit coach I push myself to be like. Bottom line, she totally rocks!

Check out part 1 of her CrossFit Games athlete profile video.

Part 2 is pretty bad ass too!

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