Friday, February 27, 2009

Give me your opinion...

If post the workout of the day as a men's perscribed weight and I drop the weight down to women's weight is it still an RX? Take Fran, the perscribed weight is 95 pounds. I do it at 65 pounds. Is it or is it not and RX?

The guys at CrossFit LA say its has to be as perscribed to be a true RX. If you aren't pushing men's weight, you're not getting your name on their leader boards!

Please share your thoughts and opinions!


Peyton Knippel said...

Why look at it as womens vs mens rx'd weights? I coulda sworn I read somewhere about peoples fitness varying in degree not kind.

I would say it's un-realistic to assume all men can do even the mens rx'd least to start out with. Some might not even be able to do the "womens" rx'd weight.

I do agree that it's also unrealistic to expect the majority of women CF'ers...other than the ultimate elite female CF'ers to ever be able to RX the "mens" weights. I'm not being a sexist and saying women are weaker but it is more common for men to have a larger capacity to move more weight quicker across broad time and modal domains. So with that being said, very few women would ever make and RX'd WOD.

One thing about goals, they have to be realistic, correct? So if every female had to do the mens weight to get an RX'd that realistic? Yes the standard is high and that is great. High standards weed out the weak, but I think that you turn alot of people away by having just that one standard.

I guess all thats' really saying is I think it's fair to say a woman can chalk up a RX'd WOD if they do it at the womens weight. Also, if there was only one approved weight, why would the main site offer two options? If it's written on there wouldn't that be how it's recorded?

Robin said...

If its on the board as women #65 and men #95 and a woman does it at #65, then its a RX.

LA is LA - I don't believe everything they do is right. KWIM?

Nikki Hall said...

I have to look at it as women vs men's weight. I'm competitive in the sport of CrossFit. I'm doing what I can to be better at it and come on, don't we all want to be the "ultimate elite CF'ers" at some point?
CrossFit is a community. We are all one team spread across the world, but on game day we are also each other's friendly competition. I, like everyone, want to know what my competition is doing? Point blank, I want to know where I stand. I want to see what time or weight I'm pushing to beat after I've surpassed majority of the people in my box.
So, I check myself on the main site, Logs it all, Beyond the white board, WOD Club and other affiliate leader boards. Every site and box has their own style and usage of WOD bragging. I just wanted to know on an opinion base what others thought. posts their workouts as is. Fran is posted at #95 thrusters. Helen is 1.5 pood KB Swing. There is no women's weight. It is what it is.
And of course everyone is different. This sport puts 5 Foot Nothing Spealler up against 5'9 Khalipa... Khalipa has a larger capacity to move more weight quicker across broad time and modal domains. But who's doing the most work scientifically? This is more mathematics than I'm willing to do on a saturday afternoon.
Point, I want to know where I stand. Should I count my workouts as RX if I'm doing women's weight or not?

Robin said...

I guess is .com has a woman's weight - which I have seen before and you do that weight, its an RX. If there is no "woman's" weight, then its not an RX unless your moving the prescribed weight.

Nikki Hall said...

FAQs from

1.3. What if I can't use the recommended weight?

"Use a weight that's manageable to you, or use a percentage of the weight prescribed. Assume the "generic" male crossfitter weighs 175 and the prescribed weight is 95 lbs. Thus, you'd pick a weight that's approximately 55% of your bodyweight."

Still no answers. I'll just keep training as hard as I can.