Friday, February 13, 2009

Scratch Off List Follow Up

-Muscle Ups
-250 lb back squat - Close, CFT=540
-200 lb Dead Lift – DONE 2/12/09 235 lbs BABY!!!!
-Paleo 7 days a week
-Sub 4 minute FRAN
-5 mile run with ease - DONE 10k back in January!
-20 Pull ups in a row – I’m changing this to 40 Pull Ups, no break

Obviously I have tons more work to do. This week has been tough. I haven't had a day off "work" in a few weeks. I forgot what its like to wake up after sunrise, and my hormones are giving me a run for my money. Today "FRAN" came up on One of my favorite WOD's. My stomach is in knots with nerves and I'm not mentally prepared to walk up to her and slap her upside the head. Can I call in sick Coach?! Is there such thing as a Rain Check in the game of Life? Maybe I am just stuck in a mental monopoly with my "Do not pass go, do not collect $200" way of thinking?

To Fran or not to Fran? That IS the question.

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Jessica Sharratt said...

Nice work sister!! You are STRONG!! Keep it up!