Friday, February 13, 2009


Inspiration On Every Level!
Pictured above is the 6pm class on Friday night. You guys defined scalability! Not a single one of you used the same weight as anyone else in the class. We had 12 year old Ethan doing Fran against his dad, men and women, firebreathers and new comers. There were jumping pull ups, rubberband pull ups and kipping pull ups. It was amazing to watch. As everyone was setting up I encouraged them to aim for an "RX" on weight rather than a "PR" on time. I further explained that a good time wasn't what I was looking for. I wanted to see everyone step up their game and get out of their comfort zones.

Its amazing how people feel after knowing they are 10 pounds closer to doing a true prescribed CrossFit WOD or actually doing it as written on the board. They walked in the door with dread and walk out smiling with a skip in their step. Congrats to Kimber for not only adding weight this morning, but also crushing her December Fran time! Tina, Finally, some weight added to that naked bar...Keep it up and your husband won't know what (or who) hit him! Garrett, Welcome to the family. We hope you and Fran learn to love each other. Kelli, Thanks for not puking at lunch! I'm glad you got your wod in! Keisha, Thanks for the chocolate, seriously don't allow me to do that again! Trevor, if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound? Does an RX count if nobody was around to witness? Chad, you kill me on dips & runs, but I smoke your Fran like cheap crack! Rematch next week? You better kick my ass! Scott, thanks for standing right there next to me tonight (and every other brutal day this week). HEAVY FRAN! The strength between the two of us is enough to move a smart car! Thanks for clicking "SEND".

To follow up on my burning question....

To Fran or not to Fran? Totally Fran! THANK YOU to my friends and clients. I couldn't have done this WOD without the pump of excitement I got from watching you guys all day. I feed off the energy you guys put out! Coach Glassman explained coaching best when he said, "You will never have to work a day in your life." You guys make my job awesome!

Thrusters #85
Pull UPs
Time 8:25

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