Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top 15 reasons you know you're training for the CrossFit games

(In no particular order.)

1. Your son says in his most serious tone, "Look Mommy, GI JOE has big muscles like you."

2. Your nongym friends break up with you for missing happy hours and parties because of your training schedule.

3. Your sig-o looks forward to life after the games.

4. You go to bed with the sun.

5. You don't put anything in your mouth unless it once had a soul and a face, or grew from a seed.

6. Chest to Bar is the norm.

7. You can't remember your last alcoholic beverage. Not because it was a drunken blur, but because it was so many months ago.

8. You visit the games site hourly and spend hours watching 2008 competitor videos.

9. Your social life consist of chatting it up between reps on max strength WODs with your gym friends.

10. You and your gym friends converse daily about the other competitors; who's juicing, which ones are pumping straight paleo, who zones, and which are just genetically blessed.

11. You are scouting your city for a few good hills to practice sprints up and down.

12. You row daily, but haven't seen a body of water in months.

13. You question if competing next year will be worth the neglect of your family, friends & business.

14. All usual summer events have been postponed until after the games.

15. The opening lines of Every Second Counts gives you chills and the ending brings tears to your eyes.

1 comment:

Bill said...

It is getting pretty exciting for us spectators, also!