Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nothing Feels Quite Like A Good Snatch

In October Scott and I attended CrossFit's Olypic Lifting Cert. We spent 2 days working on Snatch, Front Squat, Clean and Jerk with the Mike Burgener. If you are anything like me the mere mention of Mike Burgener will result in a glazed starry eyed look, a WOD revealing Olympic lifts will put butterflies in your belly like a teenage girl on prom night. Getting schooled on Oly lifts by Burgener himself! I mean, the guy breeds Olympians!

There were no chairs at this cert. The lesson plan was written on the board before we arrived, but the learning and note taking was all hands on. We kicked things off with individual introductions to the class where Burgener quickly nicknamed Scott “Marine” and me “Marine’s Wife.” We responded with snickers and much pride. Saturday was dedicated solely to the Snatch, and Sunday was the remaining lifts. Burgener would walk us through a single step then released us into groups lead by one of his handpicked instructors to work on that step. We moved in this fashion until we had full comprehension of The Burgener Warm-up, the snatch skills transfer, and each lift. We performed as students, we acted as instructor, and we even played the role of an uncoordinated client. By end of day our backs were on fire, and asses kicked by PVC and a little old man with motivational consequences (YAY BURPEES!).

My new take on Olympic lifts, they are much like a choreographed dance. There are special steps to follow. The body moves through the specific points like a well oiled machine. The steps are highly technical, intricate, and missing a step will affect your entire performance. Much like a dance, rehearsal is a must! Practice, Practice Practice. Without the dress rehearsal, the show does not go on. Burgener warm up is my practice and supplementing Olympic lifts into my training is my dress rehearsal. Come Game Day, I’m prepared to put on a flawless performance.

By the end of the weekend Scott and I were ready to pack it all up and move to California just to be adopted by Burgener. Well, maybe after the kids are grown.

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