Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Full Time Life = Part Time Paleo

I'm not afraid to admit that I'm not perfect. Hahaha, I wish that were a true statement, but its a big fat lie. I'm scared to death to admit that my diet sucks on the weekends. It makes my mondays suck. I feel like crap, my eyes are puffy, and just ask my husband about my moods. Yikes! Sounds like somebody has a serious case of the mondays.

Breakfast - the norm, 3 eggs, some meat and veggies an apple and almond butter.
Snack - just almonds because I couldn't stand to eat another boiled egg this week.
Lunch - I made a date with a this super sexy guy I met quite awhile ago. We went to TX Land and Cattle and I had Sirloin and half a dry sweet potato, and side salad with vinaigrette dressing. So far so good.
Snack - Here's were it gets confusing. Probably some trail mix with peanuts and m&m's and raisins. An apple. Lots of almond butter. This was all over a few hours.
Dinner - Rudy's Turkey & extra moist Brisket. Maybe a tbsp of sauce.
Snack - a bite of a protein bar.

Saturday (Oly Cert all day)
Breakfast 3 eggs, 1 oz turkey, 1 apple. Handful of peanuts
Snack - Almonds
Lunch - HEB - Rotisserie chicken, mixed fruit, Spinach Salad w/ vinegar & oil as dressing.
Snack- Almonds. Here's where it all goes to crap (shame) the bad kind of trail mix. A few bites of the Jiff peanut butter, fully loaded with high fructose corn syrup on a protein bar. some granola cereal. 6 Baked Doritos. An apple. Grapes. Strawberries. A fig newton.
Dinner - Outback Steakhouse. A few bites of cheese fries (dipped in ranch) 2 margaritas, Salad with ving dressing, Steak & broccoli, 1 delicious pint of Neapolitan ice cream (my freakin fav!)

Sunday (More Oly Cert)
Breakfast - 3 eggs, 1 oz turkey, 1 apple, a few strawberries
Snack - grapes, strawberries
Lunch - HEB cafe on the run. Chicken, grilled veggies, asparagus. Some fruit
Snack - Some fruit, some granola cereal, an apple
Dinner - The Gristmill - (another fine night for a date with that hunk of love I am so fond of.) 1 Margarita, chips & salsa, refried beans, chicken breast with Verde sauce all over it, steamed zucs and squash. 2 fries. 2 scoops dutch chocolate ice cream....on a cone :-)

Back on track, For the most part. Only cheat was a hand full of graham crackers.
I'm tired of logging the norm, food logs are boring, so I'll just log my weekends and see if that holds me accountable.

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Rookie said...

Being aware of and admitting your faults are 75% of the battle. Making and committing to the decision to correct the problem is the other hard part of that problem. At least you know you aren't so strict on yourself on the weekends. If and when you want to change that, you will - but you have to REALLY want it before you'll commit to it. AND, don't kill yourself with guilt - just start fresh with the next meal. Lastly, look at what you ate this's not as bad as you think. In paleo terms, yes, it's not too wonderful, but in reality terms, it's not that bad. It could be a lot worse.

Chin up! You kicked my arse in the challenge so you're obviously doing something right!!!

Anna T.