Monday, November 3, 2008

Why Do Superheroes Wear Spandex?

I've been burning my candle at both ends for a few months now. I'm not even sure I know what free time is anymore. I'm in the office 8am to 5pm and at the gym every hour around that time, training myself or clients. I do manage to devote 5:30pm-8:30pm to Logan, but it’s a rush to get myself to bed on time. Sleep is supposed to be my number one priority (Doctor’s orders). My brain doesn’t function well without it. I get over emotional and my body doesn’t recover well from my training. I have to be asleep by 9:30pm because I know that alarm clock is going to sound off like a fog horn at 4:45am the next morning. I run a tight shift! By 5am every morning I am up and at 'em. I probably get more done by 9am than a lot of people do in a week.

For the record, I don't envy people with too much time on their hands. I love this life and I'm not going to slow down until I achieve what I'm working for! You gotta keep your eye on the prize! It’s the hard work you put in that makes a job worth it. Yes, I’m tired, yes I’m pulled in too many directions and sometimes I do crack, but that’s what makes me human. It’s the fact that I push myself beyond my limits that makes me SUPERHUMAN.

Now let me tie this into CrossFit training. CrossFit is real world training, or as the One World shirt says, “Training not to suck at life.” CrossFit is, by design, going to make you better at whatever it is you do! Marathon runner’s who CrossFit finish faster, Olympic weightlifters go heavier, Golfers are improving their swing, Fire Fighters are stronger and faster when every second counts, and even the average Housewives are managing their homes with more perfection and stamina than ever before. This next part should hit close to home for anyone that has fought their way through a CrossFit WOD (work out of the day.)

The following is my personal training experience. Please note that the level and intensity can vary for everyone.

The WOD is on the board and I read through it before I even start the warm up. There is a major anticipation to know the WOD as soon as possible. The reason for this “need to know what’s about to kick me flat on my butt” cannot be explained, but you guys know exactly what I’m talking about! It’s all listed out and to the unknowing might look like a foreign language or even children’s chicken scratch, but I know exactly what it means and instantly I get pre WOD nerves. I once heard, “If you don't get nervous before you train, you don't train hard enough.” I must be doing something right! I have to tell myself every time, “I will get through this. This is just 20 min of the rest of my life. I am capable of a kick ass work out!” After the warm up I set up what I need for my WOD then I hear, “3…2…1…GO!” and the clock is ticking. I go through the motions and very quickly my lungs scream for oxygen. I start to wonder how I could already be struggling to breathe after only 5 reps. I’m only on the first round! I think of how much further I still have to go and wonder if my body will make it at this rate. Then, I remind myself that the first 3 min are the hardest. I cannot drag myself down with an “OH CRAP!” attitude. Suddenly I start to pick up speed. Somewhere in the middle of the WOD I can tell I’m running like a well oiled machine. I might even get a flush of excitement (endorphins) and know that I can take full advantage of the extra energy as I push myself into overdrive. I’m focused on the finish line and know that the faster I push the sooner I can fall limp and drenched on the floor like a dirty bath towel. I feel like I can’t breathe, I want to stop and catch my breath, then I think about my competition and know if I just POWER THROUGH this part I might be able to beat his time and earn those bragging rights. Oh the satisfaction! I’m almost done, I’m so close, just one more. Somehow I muster up more effort than I started with and pump out my last rep. Then, as if it were my last breathe of air, I whisper, “TIME….” And fall flat on my back. A few minutes after my heart has recovered, I record my score on the board. Its at that point that I feel SuperHuman.

Now let’s step outside of the box. I look at my lifestyle and compare it to an intense CrossFit workout. My work week runs Monday through Saturday. Sunday night could be compared to checking the board for the WOD. My nerves kick in as I start to evaluate all that my week has in store for me. Monday morning its “3…2…1…GO!” and I feel that dread wondering how am I ever going to survive the next 5 days? I think about how it’s ONLY monday. By wednessday I'm halfway through the week and my body is screaming STOP! I want to come up for air, I want to veg-out and let my mind go numb, but my entire world and everyone that depends on me will crumble if I stop now. Outside of the gym I’m no longer SuperHuman. I am SuperMom. I drudge on into Thursday; it’s all down hill from here. I light myself on fire and start to pick up speed. I can see the weekend and that flush of excitement comes over me by Friday. I’ve got this in the bag. After bootcamp on Saturday I swoop in for the last round of laundry and house cleaning all so I can enjoy my Sunday with a deep breath as I fall flat on my back for recovery.

What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. Push your limits!

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