Friday, December 26, 2008

Another CrossFitter is Born!

Today my son, Logan -age 6, took an interest in my passion.

I was as proud as could be when he put down his new Nintendo, picked up a 20 pound dynamax ball and said, "Look Mommy!" From there he started doing squats to the ball. It only took one small critique for him to have it flawlessly. After snapping a few pictures I ran for the PVC pipe and starting teaching him bar tricks. Words cannot describe how cool it was to watch him nail some of the essential CrossFit moves. Over head Press, over head squats, front squats and even thrusters. He was eating up my words of encouragement. Trying not to go too "Stage Mom" I gave him a hug and let him do his thing. Well, he just kept right on going. He pulled out a box that hit him about knee level and busted out 80 box jumps with full extension at the top!!! He turned around to make sure I saw every single jump. When he finished his WOD he proudly pointed out the sweat that had dripped from his head on to the box. His closing words were classic, "I work out harder than Colton!" CrossFit Games 2020 leading competitors, Colton Tillman and Logan Shaw. These two are Earning Their Scabs!

Logan has always been my motivation to push harder at everything I do. Physically, I have to stay in shape to keep up with his endless amount of energy and with him weighing in at almost 60 pounds I've got to be able to lift that weight (dead weight when he falls asleep in the car) as smooth and gracefully as one might lift a 10 pound baby. Check out a past blog, ...And THAT is why I CrossFit!

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Robin said...

That is awesome! Of course, Colton says "I don't think so"