Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Honeymoon's Over

No more 2-a-days, the games are over. No more boxes, we are officially moved in. No more crazy wedding planning, I'm an Isbell. No more sugar, the honeymoon is over.

Scott is all moved in and working hard to organize the garage, but we don't care to fit our cars in there. We want a garage gym. He's a pretty handy guy and has built a lot of our equiptment from scratch on a tight budget (Boxes, parallettes, weighted med balls, pull up bars, RINGS!, and other thing-a-majigs). I have to say that his most impressive project was a platform. The thing was custom built in a previous one car garage and had to be sawed in half for moving. He says the repair will make an even better platform.

For my birthday last year I got what every hardcore CrossFit chic wants. No, not a day of pampering and massage at the spa, even better. Scott got me an olympic bar! Well, there are only so many #45 lifts you can do before you start craving something heavy. This made the obvious gift choice for his next birthday bumper plates.  And in true Nikki fashion I had to get him a gift that I too, could benefit from. (You all know your guilty of the same!) Excited and unable to keep anything from my husband, I ordered our plates (Rogue Fitness) and told him about them that day. Actually he guessed it after I taunted him with a surprise.

In celebration of his 37th birthday Scott took on Grace in the comfort of our own home. We live a CrossFit life.

This is going to be your best year yet! I Love You!


Scott said...

Yes it is!!
And I Love You Back!!

Peyton Knippel said...

Congrats, welcome back.....and great photo shop too!

Looking forward to some more posts