Wednesday, December 3, 2008


2 Thanksgiving feasts, an all day wine tour, and veggin' out all weekend equals a load of toxins! I've spent a lot of time this week focusing on getting back to Zone/Paleo eating and hardcore training in the gym. Its only Wednesday and I'm feeling great! I'm actually starting to feel like I lost a pant size over the past month or so. I've never been one to drop LB's during the holidays. I am no stranger to the desserts! So what is it? CrossFit? Zone? Paleo? Whatever the combo I'm thrilled with my results!

Did anyone else feel hung over after all the carb loading on turkey day? I went to bed full as a tick. Then, I woke up Friday morning and my entire body ached. A few days later I ate Pizza....INSTANT headache. There's got to be some link behind that!?! Could it be those damn dirty grains?! I don't want to go into details, but Robb Wolf and Nikki Young do a really good job of explaining all the science behind it. Check out both their blogs....They are NUTRITION GURU'S.


Erin said...

Woman! I've been perusing through your blogs for a while. I'm so impress and CONVICTED!!

Nikki Hall said...

I'm glad I have actual readers and not just stalkers!! And the main purpose of this blog is to motivate others and give them a glimps of our fitness program. Thanks for reading Erin! Oh and thanks for the Birthday wishes too. I can't log into FB at work but I got the notification in my email. You too are beautiful my friend!

kimberk said...

dude Tina is amazing!!! I love working out with her :)