Monday, January 12, 2009

Functional...if you live on a farm!

Virtual Shoveling...are you kidding me?! Today was the second time I'd seen Virtual Shoveling show up on the WODs. I thought I should give it a shot.

... blood was shed and it wasn't pretty!

I've got bruises on both thighs and my hands are shredded. It kicked my butt!! No telling what part of me will hurt tomorrow?



Botah said...

Hey Nikki!
It was a great workout... I subbed in 35# vs 45#... I loved it... everybody at they gym looked at me strange... but boy am I sore!
Hey also.. I built WOD Club ... so thanks for the post! Have you signed up yet?

Nikki Hall said...

It was a great workout, but aren't they all! It really sneaks up on you!

I just registered for WOD Club. I like it! Nice Job!